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Our facials are tailored to your individual needs and specific concerns. The facials at our Zurich are carried out with great care, followed by make-up and treatment recommendations.

Gesichtsbehandlung Facial Zürich Sihlcity

Anti-aging facial treatments The high concentration of active ingredients significantly improves the condition of the skin and the depth of wrinkles. The special massage stimulates energy and microcirculation. Our facial treatments flood the skin with moisture and intensively revitalize it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at NAILSxBEAUTY in Zurich. We will be happy to advise you!

Anti-Acne Facials Are you looking for a deep-cleansing facial that focuses on skin impurities and where the studio is located in Zurich? At Backstage Beauty, we are responsible for opening and cleaning the skin pores, removing blackheads, acne and pimples, which makes the skin appear clean and radiant!

Décolleté At NAILSxBEAUTY in Zurich we offer individually tailored facial treatments for every skin type to care for and revitalize. First, we will ask you a few questions about your current skin care routine and how your skin feels in cold, warm weather or after a hot shower.

Classic Apart from a facial treatment, we also offer treatments specifically aimed at the delicate skin of the décolleté.

Back Do you have impure skin on your back? This treatment targets the often neglected back area.



Aquapure Hydra Facial


CHF 175

Hydra Facial Glow

CHF 200


CHF 175

Microneedling (März -Okt.)

CHF 165

Klassisch Gesichtsbehandlungen

Anti Aging

CHF 145

Anti Akne

CHF 145

Hals- & Décolleté (Zusatz)

CHF 45

BB Glow-Nanoneedling (Zusatz)

CHF 40



Behandlung von unreine Rücken

CHF 90

EMS BodyCult

CHF 110


Electromagnetic treatment uses strong electrical impulses generated by an electromagnetic field. This technology stimulates muscle growth and induces the associated body metabolism. Traditionally, the technology was used for muscle rehabilitation and the relief of muscle pain with the aim of physical therapy. Nowadays, the technology has been adopted and transformed for medical aesthetic applications, especially with the aim of achieving non-invasive body shaping, fat reduction and fat burning.

Facial in Sihlcity Zürich bei NAILxBEAUTY

What does EMS BodyCult mean? EMS BodyCult is a new generation of body shaping equipment that uses the Intelligent Automatic Muscle Training Method (IamT). EMS BodyCult with IamT applies super-electrical impulses generated by an electromagnetic field to the muscle to induce forced muscle contractions. It is an automatic response equivalent to an intense strength exercise such as 20,000 squats or sit-ups. The treated muscle is remodeled and rehabilitated. The result is firmer and tighter muscles in the abdominals, thighs and buttocks for a better aesthetic appearance. EMS BodyCult makes it possible to achieve the effects without pain, downtime and inconvenience.

EMS BodyCult muscle building EMS BodyCult is a technology that enables a completely non-invasive and safe body shaping treatment. EMS BodyCult generates a strong stimulation of the muscles through conductive electrical impulses from an electromagnetic field. By forcing the muscles to perform automatic training, the treated muscle is extremely stressed, as if it were training intensively. The procedure leads to muscle growth and an increase in myofibers (hygroplasia).

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